The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute offers the world’s most comprehensive and authentic training in The Lee Strasberg Method®. Created by Lee Strasberg, our programs offer the professional and artistic tools for every actor to reach their maximum potential.

12 Week Program

An immersive semester-long program designed for both students beginning acting training and professionals who wish to brush up their acting technique. Part-time and Full-time study available.

One Year Conservatory Program

A one-year immersive program for students seeking creative and professional development to navigate the arts and entertainment industry. [22 hours per week]

Two Year Conservatory Program

MFA-equivalent certificate program designed for students seeking a concentrated course of study to inform their craft and empower them to navigate the industry. [22 hours per week]

Intensive Program

4-week seasonal course work offering fundamentals in The Lee Strasberg Method® and a host of electives, including Tai Chi, Dance, Film, Writing, and Improvisation with some of NYC’s top performers and educators.

NYU BFA Program

Three year Bachelors of Fine Arts program in The Lee Strasberg Method® partnered with Tisch School of the Arts at New York University

Young Actors at Strasberg

Intensive actor training and development led by Conservatory and NYU/Tisch faculty. Students explore the creative process and skills of acting technique Grades 2-12.